"I tried calling around to the pet sitting services in my area to get information. Those that were willing to spend some time were very busy and could not really give the guidance or answers I needed.  Pet Sitter Boot Camp provided everything I needed, and the mentoring sessions with Sinde answered my questions and guided the way. Thanks!" 

Gail A.

" Pet Sitter Boot Camp is very detailed and being able to talk to someone with your own questions is so helpful."

Victoria R.




Pet Sitter Boot Camp™ provides complete information and resources to quickly and effectively start your own pet sitting business. Through an online course with a unique mentoring program, you benefit from the guidance and experience of an actual and working pet sitting business owner!  

Your consultant, Sinde Correa

Hello, my name is Sinde Correa.  As a training specialist, I have written numerous materials and career programs for technical schools. I have been teaching, conducting workshops, and developing training programs for the past 20 years.

Originally from the medical field, I decided to change my career and do what most people only dream of:  Start a business and make a living doing something I absolutely love! 
I currently have a large and successful pet sitting business, providing in-home pet care for all types of pets.  Starting on a shoe-string and going through the trials and tribulations of a new start-up, I made many of the mistakes that new business owners make, especially in a specialized area such as pet care.  I also learned many important skills, such as how to market my business, selling my service to potential clients, how to prevent burn-out, and getting the most from my business to meet my financial needs and stay solvent even in a tough economy.

A couple of years after I started my business, I started to get phone calls from people ‘Googling’ pet care businesses.  My web site was readily coming up, and some of the calls were requests for advice on how to start a pet sitting business.  Many of those early callers have since started successful pet sitting businesses.  While I was glad to help, I realized even a couple of hours on the phone wasn’t enough to completely or effectively assist a motivated person ready to start their business. There was so much to share!

With this in mind, I set out to put together a wealth of knowledge, resources and lessons, and organized it into an online classroom environment, now called the Pet Sitter Boot Camp™.  I am happy to offer this unique program to you, including one-on-one telephone or chat consultations as part of this unique mentoring opportunity. It’s like having a friend in the business that shows you the ropes!

Pet Sitter Boot Camp™ will take the guessing and trial-and-error out of starting and operating your own pet sitting service. It is my goal to boost your success by offering a smaller and more personalized experience, giving you the benefit of drawing on the knowledge of a successful, working pet sitter. Every person that wants to start a pet care business has their own vision, background, and challenges according to their location.  Together, we will work towards your goals by putting the tools and resources you need in your hands.

I look forward to being your consultant and mentor!  Join today and take the steps to start your business tomorrow!

Please contact us with any questions.