"This online course is different from anything I've tried before.  It's like sitting down and getting the full scoop on this business right from the business owner.  Just the amount of time I saved on finding the pet sitting organizations, insurance resources, web sites for this industry, advertising materials - the list goes on.  Quality of the forms is great - I hardly had to change a thing but my business name and logo!" 

Anne B.


The online course offers detailed information on how to start and operate your own pet sitting business in a quick, easy to read format. 

You won’t spend hours studying or reading about topics you already know about, but rather, you are presented with practical, first hand information on the day-to-day essentials of managing this business.  Not just forms, but actual how-to’s.

Learn what to expect, how to set up and market your business, pricing and scheduling services, how to interview new clients on the phone, how to conduct initial consultations, and much more!  

Bonus!  Save hours of research time - we supply links to vendors for everything from business cards to magnetic signs for your car to website services and designers, lists of pet sitting software providers to manage your business, online pet sitter directories to list with, and everything in-between!  Typical forms and templates used to operate this business are included.  Download them to your word processor and customize your forms for client use in a snap!  

Your personal mentor.   Online chat sessions and telephone consultations are included as part of your program.  Ask questions and get advice one-on-one from an experienced pet sitter.   It’s like having an insider in the business when you need advice!

This is just a partial list of what you will receive when you sign up for Pet Sitter Boot Camp™:

A free listing at The Pet Sitter Directory www.thepetsitterdirectorycom

Case studies of actual pet sitting situations and how to handle them

Free one-on-one mentoring on phone or chat room

Complete online course available 24/7 with how-to's, including:
  • Selecting a business name
  • Where to buy Insurance for this business
  • Start-up costs and how to best use your start-up money
  • Setting up your office and business policies
  • Finding pet sitting business management software
  • Marketing your business to secure clients fast
  • Advertising and promotion ideas
  • Determining your service area
  • Selecting and pricing your services
  • Conducting initial consultations with new clients
  • Handling business calls for pet sitting
  • Maintaining your calendar and schedule
  • Payment policies, discounts and cancellation policies


A complete set of customizable FORMS required to operate your business, including:
  • Telephone Work Order
  • Contract for all pet care services
  • Pet Profile (care instructions/intake form)
  • Client and Home Profile (care instructions/intake form)
  • Client Travel Information form
  • Daily diary notes (3 variations)
  • Risk Form - Senior Pet/Illness (2 variations)
  • Vet Notification/Authorization
  • Client feedback/survey form
  • Checklist for Pet Sitters
  • Checklist for Clients
  • Key Return form
  • Visit Booking Log



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